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Valentines Day Sale (weekend)

Flowers on a Cloudy Day

VALENTINE DAY SPECIAL!!!! Here is the 3 of 14. ‘Flowers on a Cloudy Day’When giving a gift to your sweet heart, why not give original art!!! The piece shown here is ONLY $120.00 for an original 15×15 framed art. These $120.00 art pieces are a real buy. They sell for $350.00 each in Naples Fl. … more »

Valentine Day Sale

A Cliff Ocean View

Trent Altman’s Newsletter                                                                                                         … more »

A Summer Daze

A Sunny Daze, 18x18

Trent’s Blog

In preparation for Trent’s fine art exhibit tomorrow at Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church in Louisville, KY, I found a poem I wrote and published in 2007, in my book, Becoming Remarkably Able…..

The act of Trent creating with his brush, is the essence of his self expression. I see his autism as a gift in these moments. Each individual with ASD has their unique strengths. This applies to all the folks I have had the honor to provide my services. Here is my poem.

I see and feel all the colors of Your song.
Brilliant shades dance with my brush.
With each tint and blush I paint, I hear Your melody.
Words are not my way,
Conversation is not my forte.
But You are the One who knows me well.
I don’t worry though,
the dazzling colors painted on
my canvas are my gifts to all.

Sunlight and Blue Sky

Trent’s Newsletter (October 2012)

(s) Abstract-_Colorful_Meadow_and_Sky,_36x44x1.5

TRENT’S STUDIO NEWSLETTER DATE: October 11, 2012 1) Trent is being honored in NYC 2) How does Trent Paint? 3) See Trent’s Newest Paintings 4) Follow Trent on FB. 5) Thank you Kentucky Arts Council awarding Trent Altman a Grant 6) Thank you to Trent’s Fans 7) A Personal Note =============================================================== 1) Trent is being … more »

Trent Altman: Working in his Studio

With supports and exposure to pursue  interests, we discovered Trent’s awesome talent and he discovered his joy.  To see published  photos in the Courier Journal and see Trent Altman at work in his studio go to this link.